Christy Blackburn on 2021-05-07

We had to make the very difficult decision to put our senior dog Gracie down. Dr. Bowen and staff were extremely compassionate on the day and we walked away heartbroken but the team presented us with a clay mold of her paw when we left. Several days later we received a personalized sympathy card again with Gracie’s paw prints on them. To go even further we received a thank you from League for Animal Welfare for the donation made in memory of Gracie from The Pet Wellness group. The team went above and beyond with their thoughtfulness and compassion. We cannot say thank you enough for honoring the lose of our Gracie.

Amberly Van on 2019-04-17

Dr. Wilson was great, providing answers to questions for my girls as well as reasons why certain things had to be done. This is important to me as someone who researches nearly everything, especially when it comes to something as important as the health of my fur babies. The techs are amazing too, especially considering Ash isn’t the most approachable, but by the end of the appointment she was on her belly being loved on. They are amazing and I will continue take my girls to see them.

Taylor Jordan on 2019-04-08

The Vets at Pet Wellness Group were extremely nice and informative. They made sure my dogs got what they needed and adapted to their behaviors. I would highly recommend them to anyone with fur babies in their life.

Samantha Hurm on 2019-03-29

The staff was great and my pet did not even realize she was at the vet! They made her comfortable and distracted her from her shots very well!

Lynn Baldwin on 2019-03-21

We have been at Pet Wellness for 11 years…we will go nowhere else! My dog is treated royally and we, as owners, are listened to! We love everyone!

Anji Marlette on 2019-03-13

By far my favorite vets and staff for my animals that I have ever used. The care and compassion is beautiful. Wonderful service in every way!

Tori Whalen on 2019-03-08

A little pricier than I expected, but a lot of concerns came up having adopted a dog with no known prior history, so I get why. The staff was amazingly friendly and comforted Bruce through any situation they thought could be uncomfortable for him. He was loved on the whole time. Everything was explained to me and staff was polite as well as making sure I was okay with everything offered to be done that day. Great first experience with this office and am excited to bring our other two pets in for their wellness checks and annual vaccinations.

David Duncan on 2019-03-05

We had a wonderful, first-time visit with our almost twenty-year-old cat. The staff members were extremely friendly and helpful. The doctor was caring and spent lots of time with us. We were very appreciative of everyone’s wanting to make sure our cat was comfortable. Our experience was great!

Carrie Hochstrasser on 2019-03-02

Everyone is always wonderful. Dr. Bowen and her staff are awesome, listen to every concern, and take the time for each patient.

Eric Rodriguez on 2019-02-11

Excellent place, thanks so much our dog, Lily, usually has to have 3 people hold her down to get her nails done, you were so fast and gentle, thanks!

Lori Williams on 2018-12-15

They are the best there. They are like my family. I would recommend them to anyone.

Trisha Bremer on 2018-11-25

Dr. Bowen listened to all of my concerns and was very thorough and explained all of our options. She even let our girls hear the heartbeat of our dog!! They were super excited.

Richard Greenwell on 2018-11-10

Our first vet visit with our new puppy was fantastic. Dr. Wilson was gentle, kind and professional. Answered all our questions,

Kristine Rose on 2018-10-06

We saw Dr Wood last night with our sweet Chihuahua Baby she’s been struggling to breathe and I honestly feel like we found our new vet. She called me this morning to check on her and hopefully we will get to the bottom of this!! Great staff very friendly and 100% caring.

Susan Kozlowski on 2018-09-27

I was very pleased with the amount of time Dr. Wood spent with me and my cat. We were able to discuss her findings, and various treatment alternatives. She gave me several options, since not all cats take medicine the same way. I really appreciated her expertise, caring and concern for my cat’s well-being.

Herb Fredrickson on 2018-09-12

The Pet Wellness Group has done a very good job in helping us to keep our various dogs and cats healthy for over ten years, by their individual and topical advice and care in sickness and in health.

Lynn Sutter on 2018-08-30

This was my first visit to The Pet Wellness group. Rebekah and Dr. Wilson made the first puppy visit a pleasure. I am happy to have them as my pet care provider! The facility was so clean and bright, and even though there were shots involved, I think Coconut is going to look forward to her next visit, but it could have been the yummy treats they gave her!

Kellie Bowles on 2018-08-24

I love the Pet Wellness Group!! They are so loving toward my cat, Phoebe, and do their best to make her as comfortable as possible when she has to visit. She had her teeth cleaned yesterday and they made sure she was loved on even while under anesthesia! They treat her like she is part of their family and that means so much to me. I highly recommend them!

Carmen Goderwis on 2018-08-21

We have always had a great experience at Pet Wellness Group. They even let me hold my cat Max during the exam process because it helps calm him. We have two dogs and two cats. Our toy poodle is over 15 years old and they have taken great care of him. I feel Dr. Wood and Dr. Wilson are very compassionate and truly care for the well-being of our pets!

Niki Stephens on 2018-08-19

I am a new customer to Pet Wellness Group and I am impressed. We moved to the area this month and were super nervous to leave behind the vet we had been seeing for over 10 years but Pet Wellness made us feel at ease and did wonderfully with our baby Basset. They are not overly priced and seem to really care about your pets health! I am happy to say I think we have definitely found our new family vet!

Mary Cordell on 2018-08-04

Just relocated and was looking for a vet for my pup pup and this vet was awesome. No wait and the staff was very friendly and efficient. The vet we saw was Dr. Wilson and she was awesome very kind and was great with my little guy.  Couldn’t be happier with the service and the staff. Highly recommend!!

Samantha Lightner on 2018-08-01

I highly recommend Pet Wellness Group. They took wonderful care of our first dog, Milo, so when we welcomed our second pup, it was no question that we would choose them, again! This group treats your pet and you like part of their family!

Emily Vater on 2018-07-21

I’ve only been one time, but already I love the staff and experience I’ve gotten with the Pet Wellness Group. Everyone was really friendly and helpful and took the time to answer any and all questions I had. They were very thorough and patient. And they spent a good amount of time with me so I didn’t feel rushed or like another number.

Susan Wilcox on 2018-07-14

Dr. Wilson and Katelyn took plenty of time to discuss a treatment plan and help figure out what was going on with my dog. Thoroughly assessed him and my family has noticed improvement within 24 hours.

April Orrand on 2018-07-08

The ladies who work at this vet are incredibly friendly and really love on your pets. They took good care of our Olive when I brought him in. Couldn’t have been more pleased.

Darrin Herndon on 2018-06-27

Best place to take a pet. The care from the staff is over the top and I will never go anywhere else

Paige Ivy on 2018-06-22

The ladies who worked with our 70lb blue pit were great! Blue went in to get his nails trimmed, which is a big task, and they treated him very nicely. I was very happy with the service their office provides and the care they showed towards my dog.

Stephanie Lucier on 2018-06-16

We love Dr. Wilson and the staff at Pet Wellness Group. They do an excellent job with my ferrets every time. Even after all yearly updates they still call to check in from time to time. I highly recommend this vet clinic!

Valerie Russell on 2018-06-15

Very friendly, honest vets and staff. I have been taking my pets here for 6 years now, and they have done a great job in keeping them healthy. Would highly recommend!

Mary Massie on 2018-05-17

Always caring & friendly place!! The staff is considerate & well organized. The doctors are very proficient & care about what you want for your pet!! My dogs & cats have all been well cared for. Been going to them since the clinic opened & have always been happy!! Thanks to you all!

Teri Wilde on 2018-05-08

Dr. Tracey has been our dogs vet for more than 20 years. We’ve known her thru happy times and not so happy times. It’s always good to see her and she’s like a friend as well as our dog’s vet.  She’s friendly nice and very professional and makes us and our dogs feel comfortable.  Don’t know what we’d do without her.

Brittany Whelan on 2018-05-07

My dog broke his leg and my regular vet didn’t have the equipment to do an x-ray. I called around to several other vets in the area who told me they “don’t take emergencies from non-clients”. When I called Pet Wellness group, they made an appointment right away. My previous vet would often provide services or medicine to my dog without even asking me first, and there would be a list of charges on the bill when I left that I had to try and decipher for myself. At Pet Wellness group, they printed out an estimate and explained everything they were going to do before proceeding. I’m not sure if this is standard procedure for them or if it was just because this visit was going to be particularly expensive, but I really appreciated the way they kept me informed. They took good care of my puppy and were very sympathetic while I was trying to keep it together during such a traumatic event.

Carolyn Nienaber on 2018-04-17

Best customer service from start to finish! I have recommended Pet Wellness to several neighbors! I know my pets are in amazing hands!  This last visit was an emergency visit that ultimately lead to surgery within hours of arrival. I can’t say enough of the HEBRON staff! Thank you for all you do for our fur babies!

Lynne Mullins on 2018-04-12

From walking in the door until finished felt like my cats and I were the number one reason everyone was there. Quick efficient friendly service and gentle handling of the cats keep me coming back Year to year.

Donna Bennett on 2018-04-02

Mason was given a thorough examination. He was relaxed the entire time and enjoyed the attention! I appreciate the excellent care he received from Dr. Wilson. She took her time with Mason and answered all my questions.

Danielle Brock on 2018-04-01

The ladies at Pet Wellness take the best care for of all 3 of my dogs. What I like is that I always feel in control of my decisions although I’m educated on all of my options. I have a senior dog in their care, a dog in cancer remission in their care, and a puppy. Highly recommended!

Nancy Hernandez on 2018-03-31

Thank you so much for taking great care of my cats! The staff is always so pleasant and caring to all of my pets. Dr. Wilson is so knowledgeable and caring as well. She really helps put me at ease the way she expresses concern and explains everything in detail.

Terri Gosney on 2018-03-22

My old Vet retired so I was looking for a new one. I chose Pet Wellness Group due to their location. Turns out, my choice was on point! My Ziggy holds very still for the Vet/Tech. They love all the pets as evidenced in their treatment. The office, as well as the waiting room is exceptionally clean with ZERO Pet odor!

Tonya Kappes on 2018-03-21

Dr. Wilson took the time to answer my questions and concerns as a new patient. She addressed my sweet fur baby’s needs and made me feel very comfortable.

Erv Bramlage on 2018-03-20

We have taken our pets to Dr. Wood and Dr. Wilson for many years. They are friendly, caring and compassionate with our pets and us. The Assistants are an extension of the doctors.  We highly recommend the Pet Wellness Group.

Charlene Wright on 2018-03-17

Everyone in the office was so nice & helpful. Cost was presented up front, before any procedures were done. Although I knew going in that vet visits, labs, etc. are expensive, I thought the estimate was very reasonable for all that was done. Dr.

Wilson spent a lot of time discussing & answering questions regarding the dynamics of our 3 cat household & problems we’ve been having. Great experience- Thank You!

Nina Byrd on 2018-03-07

Dr. Wood and all of the support staff were amazing to work with. I will definitely be returning to this practice with Miss Patches!!

 Jeff Parker on 2018-03-03

Extremely pleased. They were nice, courteous, and absolutely delightful. The bill was presented before rendering any service and it was very reasonable. Highly recommend!

Kristi Patzman on 2018-02-24

The vets here are BEYOND incredible! I have a very nervous dog and she can snap from fear. Dr. Wilson has been incredible with her and has done everything to ease her anxiety and not have her fear going in. She treated HalyGrace’s cherry eye and while she had her under, she checked the other eye to find it was going to become a cherry eye and fixed it saving me from a second expense but more importantly, preventing my sweet girl from having to endure another surgery and recovery. She and her two partners are incredible and the ONLY vets I would recommend in Hebron. Jamie, the vet tech, is also incredible. She kept me posted on HalyGrace and took all calls when I was calling to check on Hals or any questions. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Lisa Gilmartin on 2018-02-22

I was very pleased with Dr. Bowen’s expertise and the compassion she showed both to my pet and me. She listened to my concerns, and we started him on a conservative course of treatment. I appreciate that type of approach!

Sara Nemeth on 2018-02-20

They’re always very friendly and take extra good care of my two cats. Even when the older cat gets extremely aggressive, they do their best to provide a full exam and safe experience without batting an eyelash.

Tonya Stevie on 2018-01-18

Always feel welcomed at Pet Wellness Group. Trust the doctors and assistants with my pups and know they have their best interests in mind.

Herb Fredrickson on 2017-12-07

My experience with Pet Wellness Groups has been excellent over a long period (5 years). We have had several cats and dogs, of which a few had severe health issues which we overcame thanks to the health care provided by the Pet Wellness Group.

Our current pets are in good health.

Scott Hughes on 2017-11-30

Very professional and caring staff, and exhibited patience to answer all our questions.

Ryan Estes on 2017-11-25

Always impressed with our visits to Pet Wellness Group. You will not find a more caring, knowledgeable team. Five stars!

Tracy Campbell on 2017-11-22

I’ve been going to Pet Wellness for my English Springer Spaniel for 6 years and can’t say enough good about it. I was referred to this practice by a friend and even though it’s a bit out of my way geographically it is definitely worth the effort. My first reason to choose this group is the excellent care referral but equally important to me is the fact it is a small business, run by women. I support small, local businesses and I support women. The care my dog receives is exceptional in knowledge and in heart. Thank you to this group of extraordinary animal lovers. 10 star rating not 5!!

Jenni Hoff on 2017-09-19

The vets and techs at Pet Wellness Group have taken great care of our dog and us for the past 13 years. They always take the time to explain everything in terms that we can understand and to answer all our questions, no matter how silly they sound. I appreciate that when I call and say my name that they immediately know who I am — it is the one place that I still feel like I get the personal touch. Thank you for everything that you do for us and our dog — everyone thinks their dog is special, but you treat us like you think our dog is special too.

Dana Toebben on 2017-08-26

My dogs and I loved the friendly and professional staff, doctors, and beautiful facility! I highly recommend Pet Wellness Group in Hebron to my friends, family, and anyone who wants first rate pet care for their furry family members.

Marilyn Blodgett on 2017-08-07

Everyone that works here is number one in my book. They are the most caring people I have ever taken my pets to. They have helped me get through some rough times when I have had to make some decisions I didn’t want to make but was for the best. I don’t see how anyone that takes their pets there can say anything but nice things about them.

Mary Farley on 2017-08-02

The ladies at Pet Wellness Group are always so nice! They ask questions to ensure that nothing gets overlooked, and always seem to have the best interest of our pets in mind! We recently changed veterinary offices (from one down the street, to Pet Wellness which is almost 30 mins away), and it was the best change we could have made!

Madeline Knopf on 2017-07-17

Love this place…so good when handling my dogs and their fears and antics…not the best behaved as both are extremely spoiled.  The staff is friendly and helpful and very gentle and caring.  Will not go anywhere else for their care