We are a full service pharmacy carrying all of the prescription medications specific to your pet’s needs.  We also offer prescription flea and tick preventions, and heartworm preventative at very competitive prices. 

  • Nexgard – We recommend year round Flea, Tick and Heartworm protection! Ticks have no seasonality and some such as the Deer Tick, which is a potential carrier of Lyme Disease, actually thrives in the winter months.
  • Heartgard – Prevents Heartworm disease in dogs. This is spread by mosquitos and is a potentially fatal disease to your dog.
  • Revolution Plus– Fleas ticks and heartworm in cats

We also carry prescription diets from Royal Canin and Hills to provide your pets with all of their dietary needs. 

In addition to supporting a locally owned small business, most of our prices for prescription diets or flea/tick and heartworm preventatives meet or beat major online pharmacies and carry additional manufacturer satisfaction guarantees and other benefits that you typically can’t receive through online pharmacies.