We see emergencies during our regular office hours, but not all emergencies happen during business hours. This is why we refer to top quality expertly equipped emergency rooms that are staffed 24 hours with highly trained physicians and technicians.

You should seek medical attention for your pet if any the following should occur

  • sudden or extreme painful behavior
  • collapse or weakness
  • breathing problems
  • difficulty walking
  • sudden onset of vomiting or diarrhea
  • allergic reactions or swellings
  • trauma (such as hit by a car or a fall)
  • straining or inability to urinate
  • toxin exposure
  • excessive bleeding or bruising
  • fever or hypothermia

When emergencies happen after hours or we feel your pet requires a specialist we refer to:

3964 Red Bank Road
Fairfax, Oh 45227

Greater Cincinnati Emergency Services
114 Beacon Dr
Wilder, Ky 41076

CARE Center
6995 East Kemper Road
Cincinnati, Oh 45249