Is it time for a teeth cleaning for my pet?

  • Do you see any of the following:
    • Visible scaling and tartar on the teeth?
    • Bloody gums?
    • Bad breath?
    • Change in appetite?
    • Pain when eating?

If you answered yes to any of the above there is a good chance your pet needs a professional dental cleaning.  Dentals are very important not only for your pet’s oral health, but also to prevent other diseases such as heart and kidney disease.

An evaluation of your pet’s oral health is part of our annual wellness examination.  We recommend at home oral care from early on in your pet’s life.  Even with at home care, we find most pets require annual cleanings over age four, however, this may vary based on the unique needs of your pet.

During a dental cleaning your pet will be under general anesthesia, using the same anesthesia and monitoring as our surgeries.  This will allow our team to take dental x-rays, thoroughly scale off all tartar, polish the teeth, apply a fluoride treatment, and also apply a dental sealant to reduce tartar build up in the future.  Our doctors are well trained in oral surgery if it becomes necessary.  At the end of each procedure you will receive a before and after report as well as take home recommendations to promote improved oral health.